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    Don’t Let Your Vacation Go Down The (Power) Drain

    Jul 8, 2019 9:37:00 AM / by Whispering Pines Lodge Team

    You walk into an airport, a hotel room, or a cafe, and what’s one of the first things we look for? Power outlets! How many times have you been to a hotel and struggled to find enough outlets for you and your family to charge all of their electronic gear?

    And then there is that moment where you check in and you realize you forgot to bring your charging cables or your USB wall adapter!

    When we were creating Whispering Pines Lodge, we thought about that and wanted to make sure our guests never had any of those worries.

    The first thing we did is installed a bunch of Topgreener USB power outlets throughout the house.

    vacation in vermont phone outlets

    We put these in every bedroom near the beds. We put them in every sitting room with a sofa. We wanted to make sure that when our guests went to plug in they always knew there would be some outlets nearby and they didn’t have to worry about needing a USB adapter or worrying that the plugs would all be taken with other things.

    But then we went a step further. We thought, what could give more peace of mind, than making sure that every bedroom had a fully decked out BoxThink Charging Station:

    vacation in vermont phone charging station

    Regardless of whether you need to charge your tablet, your phone, your watch, or your AirPods, we’ve got you covered. These are sitting next to each bed and all you need to do is just plug in your devices and relax.

    And if you are worried that this all looks too Apple-centric and your family is an Android family, don’t worry. We’ve also equipped most rooms with Surgedisk Qi wireless chargers that work with both Android and Apple devices.


    And of course, charging isn't just for your electronic devices.   We also have chargers for your electric vehicles!


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