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    Our Five Favorite Family-Focused Southern Vermont Fall Festivals

    Aug 23, 2019 6:29:39 AM / by Whispering Pines Lodge Team posted in Kids, Teenagers, What To Do, Fall


    Is Fall Foliage A Forced-Family-Fun Excursion?

    People travel across the country to ooh and ahh over stunning Vermont fall foliage, but those strapped in the back seats are often simply squiggly and impatient. Do those under 8 - or even under 18 - have the ability to endure New England's up-and-over loop to witness...trees? 

    Being a family focused vacation home, we want to share some our favorite Southern Vermont fall festivals. They just happen to fall within that season of stunning, brilliant colors. From apple picking to apple slingshots, these stops may just create the family memories you are seeking:

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    4 Tips To Plan An Easy and Nostalgic Thanksgiving in Vermont

    Jun 19, 2019 7:42:37 PM / by Kristi Marsh posted in Unique Features, Holiday Travel, What To Do, Thanksgiving


    Mission Possible: A Memorable Family Thanksgiving

    When I think about Thanksgiving, I have conflicting emotions.

    On one hand there are the warm feelings about family getting together cooking tons of great food, hanging around the fireplace, and watching movies movies or the big Thanksgiving football games. In addition, growing up, Thanksgiving always meant traveling (normally camping). We’d pack up as a family and head to some campground and enjoy the crisp air and nature.

    On the other side, there is the stress of Thanksgiving. Hosting all of the family. Thinking about all of the logistics around cooking. Dealing with all of the unique food allergies or preferences that family members have. (I remember when I was a vegetarian my mom being completely stressed out about how to cook a Thanksgiving meal I’d enjoy). Ensuring that everyone has something to keep them busy and happy (goodness only knows how a bored child or teen can ruin the day). And then having to worry about cleaning everything up after.

    The question is how can you have all those positive experiences and minimize the stress? If you are planning a family trip up to the Manchester/Stratton area, here are four tips to make your family vacation a dream.

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