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    Our Five Favorite Family-Focused Southern Vermont Fall Festivals

    Aug 23, 2019 6:29:39 AM / by Whispering Pines Lodge Team posted in Kids, Teenagers, What To Do, Fall


    Is Fall Foliage A Forced-Family-Fun Excursion?

    People travel across the country to ooh and ahh over stunning Vermont fall foliage, but those strapped in the back seats are often simply squiggly and impatient. Do those under 8 - or even under 18 - have the ability to endure New England's up-and-over loop to witness...trees? 

    Being a family focused vacation home, we want to share some our favorite Southern Vermont fall festivals. They just happen to fall within that season of stunning, brilliant colors. From apple picking to apple slingshots, these stops may just create the family memories you are seeking:

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    Don’t Let Your Vacation Go Down The (Power) Drain

    Jul 8, 2019 9:37:00 AM / by Whispering Pines Lodge Team posted in Unique Features, Teenagers


    You walk into an airport, a hotel room, or a cafe, and what’s one of the first things we look for? Power outlets! How many times have you been to a hotel and struggled to find enough outlets for you and your family to charge all of their electronic gear?

    And then there is that moment where you check in and you realize you forgot to bring your charging cables or your USB wall adapter!

    When we were creating Whispering Pines Lodge, we thought about that and wanted to make sure our guests never had any of those worries.

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    Ready Player One

    May 14, 2019 12:38:12 PM / by Whispering Pines Lodge Team posted in Game Room, Amenities, Unique Features, Kids, Teenagers, Rainy Day, Movie Buffs



    When I read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, I felt like I was thrown back to my youth. As a child of the 80’s I grew up playing video games. On my Atari. My ColecoVision. My Commodore 64. And, of course, at the video arcade.

    So the references in the book to Zork, Pac-Man, Tempest, Adventure, and, of course, Joust (which plays a big part in the book), took me back to my childhood. 

    I certainly was never a Parzival, but I loved playing Spy Hunter, Zaxxon, Gauntlet (how many times did I hear “Wizard needs food, badly!”), Cyberball 2072, Dragon’s Lair (though I am not sure I ever made it more than a few screens in before dying), and Star Wars. And of course, there were the classics: Pac-Man, Asteroids, Defender, Dig Dug, and on and on.

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    A Game Room For All Ages

    Mar 5, 2019 2:26:33 PM / by Whispering Pines Lodge Team posted in Game Room, Amenities, Unique Features, Kids, Teenagers, Rainy Day



    We've all done it.  We plan our dream family vacation -- up to the mountains or down to the beach -- and we imagine all of the outdoor fun. And then Mother Nature intervenes.  And we are sitting in the house wondering how to keep everyone occupied.

    At Whispering Pines Lodge, we've got you covered.  Step into our decked out heated playroom for all ages. We dare hard core competitors to start up a tournament. Whether your chosen equipment is a cue, paddle or tile, we hope you have a laughing-good time!  Take a look at this list: 

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    Creating Our Dream Library

    Mar 5, 2019 1:09:03 PM / by Whispering Pines Lodge Team posted in Amenities, Book Lovers, Library, Office, Unique Features, Kids, Teenagers



    When we set out to build Whispering Pines Lodge, we knew that one of the things we wanted was to build a dream library.

    A place where someone could just sit in a chair with their coffee and get lost in a book for hours. Maybe rediscovering one of their favorites from the past. Or maybe finding some brand new world to explore.

    We knew that we wanted the library to be for the whole family: kids, teens, and adults and cater to a broad range of tastes.

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